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Assault & Battery MGL c 265 § 13A(a), A&B police Officer, Resisting Arrest MGL c 268 § 32B: Clerk Magistrate Hearing on Application for Complaint resulted in all charges being dismissed

The client, a 24 year old Boston University student, received a summons to appear for a Clerk Magistrate hearing, hired Attorney Steven J. Topazio to represent him.  According to a Boston Police report, officers saw a large group gathered around an Asian male who was lying on his back on the sidewalk with several drops of blood on his shirt and bleeding from the mouth. According to the report the victim stated that an unknown read More

Motor Vehicle Traffic Citation, Speeding MGL c. 90 § 17: After Clerk’s hearing the violator was found not responsible.

The client, a Metro Cab driver, hired Boston Criminal Lawyer Steven J. Topazio after receiving a civil motor vehicle citation for speeding.  According to the citation the client was traveling 51 mph in a 35 mph zone on Soldier’s Field Road.  Attorney Topazio was successful in persuading the Magistrate to find his client not responsible.

Domestic Assault and Battery MGL c 265 § 13M(a), Malicious Destruction of Property MGL c 266 § 127: All charges dismissed after wife asserts marital privilege.

The client, a 37 year old asset manager, was arrested and charged with domestic A&B and Malicious Destruction of Property, hired Boston Criminal Lawyer Steven J. Topazio.  According to a Chelsea Police report, the client got into a fight with his wife after she broke his cell phone after finding inappropriate emails on it.  The client then struck his wife in the back of the head and pushed her down on the couch where they read More

Motor Vehicle Traffic Citation, Prohibited left turn: After Clerk’s hearing the violator was found not responsible.

The client, a software engineer, hired Boston Criminal Lawyer Steven J. Topazio after receiving a civil motor vehicle citation alleging that he made a prohibited left turn.  The client reported that he dropped his mother off at the airport, returned to Boston on his way to the City of Cambridge and got off at Government Center exit because he missed the Storrow Drive exit and ended up on North Washington Street.  He was stopped by read More

Fail to Register as Sex Offender MGL c 6 § 178C: Client receives a CWOF and avoids a felony conviction and jail sentence.

The client, a 50 year old individual, was arrested for the crime of failing to register as a sex offender, hired Massachusetts Criminal Attorney Steven J. Topazio to defend him.  The client had previously been convicted of the crime of indecent assault and battery on a child and was required to register as a sex offender annually with the police.  After a routine check, the Wareham Police report revealed that the client no longer resided read More

Shoplifting M.G.L. c 266 / 120 Trespass M.G.L. c 266 / 30A Application For Criminal Complaint: All charges dismissed following Clerk Magistrate Hearing

The client, a 20 year old college graduate from North Shore Community College, hired Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer Steven J. Topazio to represent her at a Clerk Magistrate Hearing when she received a summons for shoplifting and trespass in the mail.  According to Peabody Police, the client was in H&M department store at the Peabody Mall when the client was observed on CCTV and by store security selecting various items then walking out of the read More

Unregistered Motor Vehicle MGL c. 90 § 9; Operating with Suspended License MGL c. 90 § 23: Case dismissed after Magistrate Hearing.

The client, a 22 year old college student, received a criminal citation after a State Trooper stopped the client’s motor vehicle in the Ted William’s Tunnel.  The Trooper ran the client’s license through his mobile data terminal in his cruiser and received information that the client’s registration and driver’s license was suspended and wrote her a criminal citation.  The client maintained that she had no knowledge of the suspension.  Wanting to challenge the charges, the read More

Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle MGL c. 90 § 24(2)(a): Client receives a three month CWOF and avoids a jail sentence as well as a license suspension.

The client, a 62 year property manager, retained Attorney Topazio after being summonsed to court for the charge of negligent operation of a motor vehicle after he was involved in a three car crash on Route 24 North in Brockton.  According to the police report, three vehicles were involved in the crash with major damage.  Brockton Police Department, Fire, and EMS responded to the scene.  The police investigation revealed that the client was entering Route read More

Clerk Magistrate Hearing, Distribution of a Class D drug, Marijuana: 94C s 32C(a): After hearing charge is dismissed

The Client, a 35 year old business analyst, hired Attorney Topazio to represent him at a Clerk Magistrate Hearing after receiving an application for criminal complaint.  The client, who possessed a medical marijuana card, was accused of mailing marijuana via Federal Express to his brother who resided out of state.  The FedEx package the client sent was identified at Logan Airport when the FedEx driver who picked up the package could smell a strong and read More

Pre-Trial Probation, Disturbing the Peace - MGL c.272 § 53 ABDW - MGL c.265 § 15A Resisting Arrest - MGL c.268 § 32B: Client is placed on terms of Pre-Trial probation and if conditions successfully completed, the case will end with all charges being dismissed.

The client, a 45 high-tech analyst, hired Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer Steven J. Topazio to defend him after being arrested by Boston Police.  According to the police report, the client, who had been drinking, approached an N-Star worker and began to harass him, yelling at him and causing a crowd to gather.  When approached by police, the client refused to stop yelling, and continued to act in a loud and unruly manner.  When the police read More