April 07, 2009 - Attorney Steven J. Topazio
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April 07, 2009

The defendant, a professional person, was accused of altering a written prescription for a prescription medication she was prescribed by her doctor. After refusing to answer questions from police, the client received an Application for Criminal Complaint from the Court, and thereafter hired Attorney Topazio to defend her. Attorney Topazio contacted the prosecuting officer and presented his client’s version of facts in an attempt to negotiate a resolution of the case. After securing a continuance of the Magistrate’s hearing, Attorney Topazio obtained his client’s medical records to substantiate his client’s course of treatment and prescription medications for the hearing. Today, Attorney Topazio convinced a Clerk Magistrate, with the consent of the police prosecutor, to hold the case open for one year, with the agreement to dismiss the case if his client encounters no further trouble during that time.