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Domestic Assault and Battery Charge: Successful Defense

Introduction Attorney Steven J. Topazio recently achieved a significant victory in a criminal case where his client was charged with Assault and Battery on a family or household member, a violation of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, Section 13M. The case involved a domestic dispute between the client and his wife, which escalated to the point where the client was accused of pushing his wife to the ground. Despite the challenges posed by the initial read More

Drug Distribution and Possession with intent to Distribute Charges: Successful Defense

Introduction: Attorney Steven J. Topazio recently represented a client who was facing serious legal trouble, having been arrested for distributing marijuana and possession with intent to distribute marijuana, a Class D substance, in violation of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C, Section 32C(a). The case hinged on a series of events observed by police officers, who believed that they had witnessed a drug distribution operation involving the client and another individual. Attorney Topazio’s effective defense strategy read More

Identity Fraud: Successful Defense

Identity fraud is a crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person’s personal data for economic gain or acts with an intent to defraud. In a recent case, a defendant, pleaded guilty to identity fraud pursuant to G. L. c. 266, § 37E (b), in connection with providing a false name to a police officer during a traffic stop. She appealed from the denial of a motion to withdraw the guilty plea, claiming read More

DUI Defense: Successful License Restoration

Overview Attorney Steven Topazio provided expert legal representation in a DUI case where his client faced charges of drunk driving. The client’s initial refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test after being arrested also resulted in a 180-day license suspension by the RMV. Attorney Topazio’s astute negotiation skills and deep understanding of Massachusetts DUI laws played a crucial role in securing a favorable outcome, allowing the client to regain driving privileges quickly. Facts The case read More

Domestic Assault and Battery: Successful Defense

Overview Attorney Steven Topazio successfully represented his client in a complex domestic assault and battery case. The client had been arrested for an alleged incident that occurred during a visitation dispute with his spouse. The case involved multiple trial delays, a dismissal for want of prosecution, a subsequent attempt by the Commonwealth to vacate the dismissal, and ultimately, the successful defense against a refiled complaint. Boston Attorney Topazio’s legal acumen and tenacious defense ultimately led read More

Assault & Battery: Successful Defense

Overview: Attorney Steven Topazio successfully represented his client in an assault and battery case where the defendant was accused of physically assaulting an individual inside a cannabis dispensary. The case hinged on the identification of the defendant, with the alleged victim having no prior knowledge of the accused. Attorney Topazio’s strategic defense challenged the reliability of the identification process, ultimately leading to the dismissal of the case. Facts: The incident in question occurred when the read More

Domestic Violence: Modification of Conditions of Release

Case Summary: In this case review, Attorney Topazio successfully convinced the court to modify the conditions of release for his client, who was charged with domestic violence and deemed dangerous under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 276 Section 58A. Attorney Topazio’s argument resulted in the removal of a GPS device with exclusion zones, which previously prevented the client from approaching his home, wife, and children. Factual Background: The client in question faced charges of domestic violence, read More

Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana: Pretrial Probation/Dismissed

The defendant was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana and hired Attorney Topazio to defend her. According to the police report, FedEx intercepted large packages of marijuana addressed to the client, and due to the overwhelming odor of marijuana, opened the packages and then called the police. The police took possession of the marijuana  and sought and obtained as anticipatory warrant to search a private residence for controlled substances and related evidence. The read More

258E Order - Harassment Restraining Order: Order Vacated

The client received notice of a hearing on a 258E Order – Harassment Restraining Order, which a judge issued without the defendant’s presence. However the court scheduled a hearing within 10 days and the defendant, after being notified that he has the right to oppose the order in court, hired Attorney Topazio to represent him. The Harassment Prevention Law, commonly called Chapter 258E, is there to protect you against someone who is harassing, stalking or read More

Boston Motor Vehicle Citation: NOT RESPONSIBLE

The client received a motor vehicle citation for “improper operation” of a motor vehicle. The police alleged the client was operating in the HOV lane of the Route 93 expressway at night when it was posted that travel was prohibited due to construction crews performing maintenance on the bridge. An HOV lane, sometimes called a carpool lane, is a special lane reserved for the use of carpools, vanpools and buses. They are usually located next read More

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