April 14, 2014 - Attorney Steven J. Topazio
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April 14, 2014

The client, a 26 year old college graduate, was arrested for drunk driving after striking a Boston Globe delivery truck while on Route 93 NB and causing that Boston Globe truck to fall off the elevated portion of 93 and to land 40 feet below on 93 SB, severely injuring the driver.  The client hired Attorney Steven J. Topazio to represent her.  State Police obtained video footage of the crash from the Highway Operations Center as part of their case.  The video clearly showed the crash with the client’s car and then the Boston Globe van falling off Route 93 and crashing on the roadway below.  Attorney Topazio met with the Assistant District Attorney from the Major Crimes Unit who was assigned to the case and was considering indicting his client so as to move the case to Superior Court.  Attorney Topazio negotiated a plea bargain with the Assistant District Attorney whereby agreeing to have his client change her plea to guilty in consideration of having her complete a 14 day residential alcohol treatment program with probation in lieu of indictment and committed sentence, and the prosecutor and court agreed.