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Case Study: Successful DUI Defense and License Restoration


Attorney Steven Topazio provided expert legal representation in a DUI case where his client faced charges of drunk driving. The client’s initial refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test after being arrested also resulted in a 180-day license suspension by the RMV. Attorney Topazio’s astute negotiation skills and deep understanding of Massachusetts DUI laws played a crucial role in securing a favorable outcome, allowing the client to regain driving privileges quickly.


The case centered on an incident where the client had been drinking at a bar, went home, and later decided to venture out for food. During this trip, the client’s erratic driving behavior caught the attention of the police. The officer observed the client weaving in his motor vehicle and intermittently tapping the brakes, causing the vehicle to stop and start abruptly. The officer stopped the client and detected an odor of alcohol on the client’s breath.

Legal Proceedings

Upon the officer’s observations, the client was asked to exit his vehicle and undergo a series of standardized field sobriety tests, which the officer concluded the client failed, resulting in his arrest. Additionally, the client refused to submit to a breathalyzer test at the police station, a decision that triggered a 180-day license suspension by the RMV.

Defense Strategy

Attorney Steven Topazio devised a comprehensive defense strategy aimed at minimizing the adverse consequences for his client, who decided to resolve the charges instead of fighting the case because he needed his license to work. Recognizing the client’s urgent need for a license to maintain employment, Attorney Topazio negotiated with the prosecution to explore alternative options for resolution. He leveraged his deep knowledge of Massachusetts DUI laws and the availability of an alcohol education class pursuant to MGL ch. 90 section 24D.


Through skilled negotiation, Attorney Topazio achieved a favorable outcome for his client. The negotiated agreement avoided a conviction for his client and allowed the client to enroll in the
alcohol education class with only a 45-day loss of license, which terminated the 180 day loss of license. Within three days of the client registering for the alcohol education class, he was allowed to obtain a hardship license from the RMV, thus giving him a Cinderella license which he needed to survive economically by allowing him to return to his job where he was required to drive. After the shorter 45- day license suspension period, the client’s full driving privileges will be restored, allowing him to move forward with his life and employment unburdened by a lengthy suspension.


Attorney Steven Topazio’s successful representation in this DUI case exemplifies his dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes according to his clients’ needs. Through strategic negotiations and a deep understanding of Massachusetts DUI laws, Attorney Topazio helped his client regain their driving privileges swiftly, mitigating the impact of the initial license suspension, which allowed his client to resume his employment. This case underscores Attorney Topazio’s commitment to finding practical solutions for his clients in challenging legal situations.