March 05, 2009  - Attorney Steven J. Topazio
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March 05, 2009

The defendant was arrested by State Police when observed driving around a rotary 5-7 times while on a cell phone at a high rate of speed, without stopping or using caution in a dangerous manner. A check with the Registry of Motor Vehicles indicated the defendant’s license was suspended. The defendant hired Attorney Topazio. Attorney Topazio reviewed his client’s driving record and learned that any further violation would result in a further suspension of his client’s license. Attorney Topazio presented to the District Attorney that the reason for his client’s license being suspended was as the result of failing to pay a reinstatement fee which was now paid and the reason for driving around a rotary several times was because his client was lost and he was calling for directions. Today, Attorney Topazio convinced the District Attorney and the Court to dismiss the criminal charge and to find his client not responsible on the civil violation.