March 26, 2014 - Attorney Steven J. Topazio
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March 26, 2014

The client, a 51 year old mother, received an application for criminal complaint charging her with leaving the scene of property damage and hired Boston Criminal Lawyer Steven J. Topazio to represent her. According to the police, the client was driving down a narrow road when she hit a parked car, tearing off its bumper. Not having a pen to leave her information, the client left the scene without making herself known. The next day the client was contacted by police who called her down to the station where she confessed to the accident. She was then charged with leaving the scene of property damage after the police determined this was the client’s second offense. Attorney Topazio instructed his client to file a claim with her insurance company to cover the cost of damage to both her and the victim’s car. Today, Attorney Topazio convinced the Clerk Magistrate to dismiss the case against his client.