May 7, 2014 - Attorney Steven J. Topazio
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May 7, 2014

The client, a 29 year old accountant, hired Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Steven J. Topazio after crashing his car into the lift gate at a Brookline parking garage damaging it, then fleeing the scene without making himself known.  Attorney Topazio viewed the surveillance video which captured his client’s actions of crashing his car then fleeing as well as viewing photos taken by police.  Attorney Topazo met with the prosecutor and Brookline Police to negotiate a resolution of the matter so as to avoid a criminal conviction for his client.  Attorney Topazio arranged to have his client’s automobile insurance pay for the damage his client caused to the parking lot.  Today, after weeks of negotiation, Boston Criminal Attorney Topazio was able to persuade the prosecutor as well as the Court to dismiss all charges against his client thus preserving his record.