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Not Responsible for all traffic violations.

The client was stopped by State Police for traveling 80 mph in a 55 mph zone on Route 9 and was given a traffic citation. The citation was for electronic messaging, marked lanes violation and speeding. The citation indicated that the client’s speed was clocked, estimated and posted. The client challenged the citation and represented himself at the Magistrate level but was unsuccessful in persuading the Magistrate to rule in his favor. The client upset with the outcome, retained Attorney Topazio when he appealed to a judge. At the court hearing, the officer who wrote the ticket is required to appear in court and testify. Today, Attorney Topazio pointed out that his client spoke a foreign language and was not texting while driving but rather listening to music through his cell phone via Bluetooth in his motor vehicle. Attorney Topazio further questioned the speed his client was traveling as he established doubt whether the officer followed his client for a quarter-mile as required to establish speed. He pointed out to the court that the officer did not utilize his radar or Lidar which are more reliable. The client was found not responsible for all violations.