November 21, 2008 - Attorney Steven J. Topazio
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November 21, 2008

he defendant while at home got into a fight with her husband called the police for assistance. When the police arrived, the husband and wife were separated and interviewed individually. The police arrested the wife after concluding that a verbal argument escalated to the point where the wife bit the husband leaving a visible bite mark. The defendant hired Attorney to represent her in this case. After investigating the facts of the case, Attorney Topazio discovered that the wife had acted in self-defense and bit her husband who had grabbed her and over powered her. Despite calling 911, the defendant was arrested after denying that her husband had assaulted her in an attempt to prevent him from getting arrested. Today, at a pre-trial conference, Attorney Topazio was successful in getting the Court to dismiss the charges against his client after informing the court that the husband was asserting both his marital privilege and Fifth Amendment right not to testify against his wife.