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Leaving Scene of Property Damage MGL c. 90 § 24(2)(a) Malicious Destruction of Property MGL c. 266 § 127: Case dismissed.

The client, a 29 year old accountant, hired Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Steven J. Topazio after crashing his car into the lift gate at a Brookline parking garage damaging it, then fleeing the scene without making himself known.  Attorney Topazio viewed the surveillance video which captured his client’s actions of crashing his car then fleeing as well as viewing photos taken by police.  Attorney Topazo met with the prosecutor and Brookline Police to negotiate a read More

Fail to Stop or Yield MGL c 89 § 9 Traffic Ticket: Case dismissed.

The client, a BU Dental School graduate, was taking his wife to work when he got a traffic ticket after getting stuck in the middle of a busy intersection after the light turned red on him, hired Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Steven J. Topazio to represent him. Although the client rolled through the intersection in heavy traffic and through the red light, Attorney Topazio persuaded the Clerk Magistrate to give his client the benefit of read More

Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle MGL c 90 § 24 OUI Liquor 2nd Offense MGL c 90 § 24 OUI Liquor & Serious Bodily Injury MGL c 90 § 24L: Incarceration avoided with a 14 day treatment program.

The client, a 26 year old college graduate, was arrested for drunk driving after striking a Boston Globe delivery truck while on Route 93 NB and causing that Boston Globe truck to fall off the elevated portion of 93 and to land 40 feet below on 93 SB, severely injuring the driver.  The client hired Attorney Steven J. Topazio to represent her.  State Police obtained video footage of the crash from the Highway Operations Center read More

Assault and Battery with Dangerous Weapon MGL c 265 § 15A(b): Not Guilty verdict after trial.

The client, a 41 year old father of four, was arrested after allegedly getting into a fight with his cousin while in his house where he struck his cousin in the head with a metal shovel.  The cousin suffered a concussion and laceration to the nose as a result of the ABDW.  According to the police report, the cousin arrived at the client’s apartment with an unknown individual.  The client was present with two other read More

Knowingly Receiving Stolen Property Probation Warrant: Warrant withdrawn and client avoids incarceration upon payment of fees.

The client, a high school graduate, had a warrant for his arrest in the Cambridge District Court hired Attorney Topazio to represent him. The client had defaulted on his probation as the result of failing to report to his assigned probation officer and further failing to provide random urine screens as ordered by the court.  Attorney Topazio surrendered his client to the Cambridge District Court to remove the outstanding probation warrant.  Although the probation officer read More

Malicious Destruction of Property over $250 MGL c 266 § 127 Crimes Against Property: Not Guilty after jury trial.

The client was charged with malicious destruction of property over $250, when he was caught on surveillance video keying a motor vehicle.  Malicious Destruction of Property is a felony, carrying a potential penalty of 2 ½ years in jail or 10 years in State Prison and a fine the greater of $3000 or three times the value of the property so destroyed.  Attorney Topazio obtained copies of the surveillance videos and spoke with the security read More

Application for Criminal Complaint Clerk Magistrate Hearing Procuring Alcohol by False Representation to Person Under 21 years of age: Case dismissed.

The client, a 21 year old college senior, hired Attorney Steven J. Topazio to represent her after she received an application for criminal complaint hearing in the mail to appear in the Boston Municipal Court Central.  According to the police report filed in this case, the client allowed her driver’s license to be used by an individual under the age of 21 to obtain alcohol in a local downtown restaurant.  Attorney Topazio was able to read More

Domestic Assault and Battery MGL c265 § 13A(a) Domestic Violence: Dismissed

When police responded to a radio call for a DVIP (domestic violence in progress), they were met by the client and his wife who stated they were in an argument. When the wife stated her husband grabbed her by the arm and then pushed her into a wall, the husband was arrested. The client, a 31 year old professional with a master’s degree, working in the United States with an H-1B work Visa, hired Attorney read More

Leaving the Scene of Property Damage Clerk Magistrate Hearing: Case dismissed.

The client, a 51 year old mother, received an application for criminal complaint charging her with leaving the scene of property damage and hired Boston Criminal Lawyer Steven J. Topazio to represent her. According to the police, the client was driving down a narrow road when she hit a parked car, tearing off its bumper. Not having a pen to leave her information, the client left the scene without making herself known. The next day read More

White Collar Crime Larceny over $250 M.G.L. c.266 §30A: Motion to Dismiss allowed and case dismissed.

The client, an employee of Dunkin Donuts, was arrested for larceny at the store in which he worked was represented by Boston Criminal Attorney Steven J. Topazio. According to the police report, the Dunkin Donuts manager noticed that the cash register was missing a significant amount of money. He then watched a surveillance video which reportedly showed the client taking money from the cash register. A copy of this surveillance video was turned in as read More

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