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Massachusetts Wrongful Death

Massachusetts Wrongful Death

Protecting Your Interests in Wrongful Death Litigation

While life insurance and a sound estate plan can cover many of the immediate needs that arise after a fatal accident, nothing can really prepare you for the sudden loss of a family member as the result of another’s negligence. At the law firm of Steven J. Topazio, Attorney at Law, we understand that a fatal injury case represents a series of personal and family crises that no one ever asks for. Our goal is to support you through the ordeal while doing everything possible to protect your legal interests in a Massachusetts wrongful death lawsuit.

Contact our office in Boston for a free consultation about your situation as promptly as you can. While we understand that wrongful death litigation is not likely the first priority for your family in the immediate aftermath of an accidental death, you should be aware that insurance company professionals who are offering their condolences and services might well be acting to limit their own liability while pretending to assist you. Insurance investigators and even grief counselors retained by insurance companies are highly skilled in developing the evidence that will protect their employers even while providing useful advice and comfort to you and your family.

At our law firm, our 24 years of experience with serious injury and wrongful death litigation has taught us that the needs of a grieving family will change over time, sometimes in unexpected ways. We can serve as a resource for you even as we develop and present your claim for compensation under Massachusetts wrongful death law. While the law can only do so much to make up for your loss, most families need as much as they can get in the form of financial compensation to support their adjustment to life without a spouse, parent or child.

Boston personal injury lawyer Steven J. Topazio will do everything he can to protect your legal interests while standing ready to offer whatever other support, advice or referrals your family will require over time. For additional information, contact his office at or email him to schedule a free consultation.

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