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Assault and Battery - MGL c 265 § 13A: Criminal Complaint Dismissed

The client received an application for criminal complaint alleging that he committed an assault and battery in violation of MGL c 265 § 13A after leaving a bar in Quincy.  The client allegedly got into an altercation with another man and struck that person.  After an investigation into the case it was found that the complainant struck the client first.  Although the complainant went to the police and filed a report, the case was resolved read More

Carrying a firearm in violation to MGL c. 269 § 10(a): Pretrial Propbation

The client was arrested for carrying a firearm without being properly licensed in Massachusetts after passing a backpack through a metal detector at Logan Airport in Boston which contained a loaded firearm.  Carrying a firearm in violation to MGL c. 269 § 10(a) is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for not less than two and one-half years nor more than five years, or for not less than 18 months nor more than two read More

Indecent Assault and battery on person over 14: Sex offender obligation waived

The client, an immigrant from Columbia who became a United States citizen, was charged with Indecent Assault and Battery on a person over the age of 14 in violation of MGL c. 265 § 13H.  Indecent Assault and Battery is a sex offense crime which carries a potential jail or state prison sentence plus an obligation to be monitored with a GPS monitoring device and requirement to register as a sex offender.  The Sex Offender read More

License Suspension: Immediate threat suspension lifted

The client was driving her car after work and crossed over marked lanes and crashed into a tree on the other side of the road.  When police responded, the client could not explain how the accident happened.  The police suspended the client’s driver’s license without a hearing as an immediate threat.  Under the law, if the Registrar determines that you pose an immediate threat to public safety because you have a medical condition which hinders read More

shoplifting and ABPO: all charges dismissed

The client who was at TJ Max was accused of shoplifting by store security when she passed all points of purchase with store merchandise.  Store security alleged that the client left the store with several pairs of earrings without paying for them but when asked returned the earrings to store security.  Store security did not take the client into custody nor obtained any information from her after she left the store and once outside the read More

Petition to Seal: Record Sealed

The client, an IT professional, who served honorable in the United States Service, retained Attorney Topazio to seal his criminal record because the client was concerned that any potential future employer would look unfavorable upon any application for employment if aware of his criminal record.  The client was charged with Disturbing the peace, Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, and Resisting arrest.  Those charges were ultimately dismissed by the court.  Attorney Topazio was successful read More

Domestic Assault and Battery MGL c 265 § 13M(a): case dismissed

The client was arrested under false pretenses accusing him of the crime of domestic assault and battery. The client and his fiancée had attended a Red Sox game and concluded the night with a drink at a local bar. After the bar the couple ventured back to their hotel where they argued about the client’s need for medical care. When the argument escalated, a noise complaint was called to the front desk. Two security staff read More

Domestic Assault and Battery MGL c 265 § 13M(a); Witness Intimidation MGL c 268 § 13B; Malicious Destruction of Property MGL c 266 § 127: All charges dropped when the Commonwealth was unable to establish its case at trial thus avoiding convictions for Domestic Assault and Battery MGL c 265 § 13M(a); Witness Intimidation MGL c 268 § 13B; and Malicious Destruction of Property MGL c 266 § 127.

The client was arrested after he left a family party at the Polish Political Club.  The client’s girlfriend called the police and stated that while at the family party, she received a text message from a male friend that the client saw and got upset over.  She reported that the client grabbed her and pushed her.  When she went outside to call the police the client followed her and came up from behind her and read More

209A: Permanent Restraining Order denied after two party hearing, and Emergency ex-parte order vacated.

The client, a 26 year old professional, hired Attorney Topazio to represent her after she was served with a 209A Restraining Order by police.  A chapter 209A protective order is a court order that protects a party from being abused by a member or former member of that person’s household or family or someone he/she has been in a dating relationship with.  Attorney Topazio obtained a copy of the Restraining Order affidavit from the court read More

MGL c 94C § 34 cocaine: Criminal complaint alleging possession of cocaine in violation of MGL c 94C § 34 was dismissed by way of motion prior to trial.

The client was arrested for cocaine possession after Chelsea Police responded to a report of a past assault with a deadly weapon.  A description of a motor vehicle was given as well as the number of suspects that were involved in the alleged assault with a firearm.  The client was the back seat passenger in the motor vehicle stopped by police.  The police ordered the three occupants out of their vehicle and frisked each of read More