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Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana: Pretrial Probation/Dismissed

The defendant was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana and hired Attorney Topazio to defend her. According to the police report, FedEx intercepted large packages of marijuana addressed to the client, and due to the overwhelming odor of marijuana, opened the packages and then called the police. The police took possession of the marijuana  and sought and obtained as anticipatory warrant to search a private residence for controlled substances and related evidence. The read More

258E Order - Harassment Restraining Order: Order Vacated

The client received notice of a hearing on a 258E Order – Harassment Restraining Order, which a judge issued without the defendant’s presence. However the court scheduled a hearing within 10 days and the defendant, after being notified that he has the right to oppose the order in court, hired Attorney Topazio to represent him. The Harassment Prevention Law, commonly called Chapter 258E, is there to protect you against someone who is harassing, stalking or read More

Boston Motor Vehicle Citation: NOT RESPONSIBLE

The client received a motor vehicle citation for “improper operation” of a motor vehicle. The police alleged the client was operating in the HOV lane of the Route 93 expressway at night when it was posted that travel was prohibited due to construction crews performing maintenance on the bridge. An HOV lane, sometimes called a carpool lane, is a special lane reserved for the use of carpools, vanpools and buses. They are usually located next read More

Petition to Expunge common nightwalker charge: expungement

The client consulted with Attorney Topazio regarding a criminal complaint in the name of “Jane Doe” that popped up on her CORI after she applied for a job.  The client claimed that she was not the defendant in the complaint alleging common nightwalking which was in default status since 1988.  The client further claimed that the complaint, in the pseudonym of “Jan Doe”, must be a mistake and she wanted the warrant withdrawn from her read More

Assault and Battery with Dangerous Weapon: dismissed

The defendant was charged with Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon after his ex-girlfriend went to the police and accused him of striking her in the head with her cell phone.  At the time of the incident, the complainant told the police that she broke up with the defendant and was out with her new boyfriend at a local bar.  According to the police report, the complainant stated that after a few minutes of read More

possession with intent to distribute: dismissal with expungement

The client was charged with drug possession charges after receiving a summons in the mail telling him to appear in court for an arraignment.  According to the police report associated with this case, the client was charged and accused of criminal activities after being involved in an undercover drug investigation.  The report further stated that officers of the drug control unit received numerous complaints about drug activity and observed an alleged drug transaction allegedly involving read More

Traffic Violations: Not Responsible

The client was stopped by State Police for traveling 80 mph in a 55 mph zone on Route 9 and was given a traffic citation. The citation was for electronic messaging, marked lanes violation and speeding. The citation indicated that the client’s speed was clocked, estimated and posted. The client challenged the citation and represented himself at the Magistrate level but was unsuccessful in persuading the Magistrate to rule in his favor. The client upset read More

operating after suspension subsequent: case dismissed

The client was arrested when State Police were drawn to the client’s car because he had installed an aftermarket back up camera over the number plate that obscured the state of origin and registration validation sticker.  When the officer asked for the client’s driver’s license, he produced a valid Georgia driver’s license.  The officer ran a query of the client’s name in both the Georgia and Massachusets registries and the Massachusetts registry revealed that the read More

OUI operating after suspension: nolle Prosequi

The client was arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol, second offense, after being witnessed by police going through a stop sign and failing to signal while operating a moped.  The client was observed by police with blood shot eyes, slurred speech, being unsteady on his feet and having an odor of alcohol emanated from his breath.  The client’s driver’s license was suspended from a prior OUI, and he was arrested.  Attorney Topazio fought read More

Criminal Record Sealed:

The client was arrested for a charge of Strangulation or Suffocation in violation of c. 265 § 15D(b) and Assault and Battery on a Family or Household Member in violation of c. 265 § 13M(a) and after fighting the case, resolved it by admitting to sufficient facts to the charge of A&B on a Family or Household Member with the strangulation charge being dismissed.  The client successfully completed probation and retained Attorney Topazio to seal read More