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OUI-Liquor or .08% MGL c 90 § 24(1)(a)(1): OUI charge dismissed for violating the no fix statute

The client, a 51-year-old father, hired Attorney Topazio after he was charged with several assault and battery charges including an OUI charge.  Attorney Topazio learned that on the day of the event, the client’s motor vehicle was involved in a motor vehicle crash with another vehicle.  Boston Police responded and issued the client a citation for marked lane violations.  The client’s motor vehicle which was involved in the accident was leaking fluid and required a read More

Criminal Harassment MGL c.265 § 43A(a): Case Dismissed by Magistrate

The client, a 37-year-old professional, received a summons to appear for a Magistrate Hearing, hired Attorney Topazio to represent him.  The client and the complainant are known to each other and reside in the same housing complex.  Attorney Topazio learned that there was on-going harassment between the parties that has been going on for years.  It was alleged that the client was ordering magazines about guns and weapons and having copies of the Koran sent read More

Bribe a Public Employee MGL c 268A § 2a Marked Lanes Violation MGL c 89 § 4a Negligent Operation of MV MGL c 90 § 24(2)a OUI-Liquor or .08% MGL c 90 § 24(a)1: cwof on oui charge

The client, a 36-year-old legal advocate, was out celebrating with her husband then returned to a parking garage where her car was parked, and upon exiting the garage crashed into two yellow posts in the garage heavily damaging her car and knocking one of the posts over.  The client hired Attorney Topazio to represent her.  According to the police report, when the police responded, they viewed video surveillance and observed the crash, then questioned the read More

Assault and battery: complaint not issued

The client, a 51-year-old security guard, was accused of assault and battery and received a summons to appear in front of a Clerk Magistrate for a hearing to decide whether a criminal complaint should issue.  The client who hired Attorney Topazio, reported that he was out celebrating and became intoxicated.  That in an intoxicated state he himself was assaulted and robbed.  That as part of being robbed, he sustained a head injury and laceration on read More

B&E misdemeanor, Malicious Destruction of property -1200, and Attempt to commit a crime: all charges dismissed

The Client, a 29-year-old real estate agent, was arrested and charged with B&E misdemeanor, Malicious Destruction of property -1200, and Attempt to commit a crime, hired Attorney Topazio to represent him.  According to the police report, it was alleged that the client broke through the bedroom window on the third floor of an apartment building located in the North End after attempting to pull the screens out of another window while on a fire escape read More

Distribution of Class D Marijuana MGL c 94C § 32C(a): Conviction vacated, and case dismissed at trial

The client, a 56-year-old individual, came to the United States from Honduras in 1989 and is not a United States citizen.  Working for the same employer for the last seven years doing maintenance work, the client was summonsed to court in 2001 and charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana in a school zone.  The client was represented by counsel back in 2001 and due to the nature of the charges, was told he read More

Assault & Battery With a Dangerous Weapon 265 § 15(A): Case dismissed

The client was arrested for allegedly stabbing another in the buttock and charged with the crime of Assault and Battery With a Dangerous Weapon in violation of MGL c 265 § 15(A).  The client who was with another individual, was allegedly seen tossing an object then fleeing before being arrested. The other individual who the client was with was stopped by police and found to be in possession of a knife. Today at trial Attorney read More

Immediate Threat License Suspension: License Suspension Lifted

The Client was charged with OUI Drugs and reckless operation of a motor vehicle after officers observed the client smoking what they believed to be a marijuana blunt.  When the officers approached the client’s motor vehicle, the officer reported that he could smell a strong odor of burnt Marijuana. The officer retrieved the burning Marijuana blunt from the client.  After arresting the client, the officer suspended the client’s driving license as an immediate threat.  Attorney read More

Attempted Murder MGL c. 265 § 16: Charge dismissed on change of plea to ABDW serious bodily injury

After a night of drinking, the client returned home and encountered her roommate who also returned home after a night out drinking.  A fight  between the roommates ensued, and the client allegedly grabbed a knife and stabbed the roommate in the arm.  A friend of the roommate who tried to intervene was subsequently stabbed in the heart by the client, requiring emergency open heart surgery. The client was arrested and charged with attempted murder as read More

Violation of an Abuse Prevention Order - MGL c. 209A § 7.: Not Guilty

The client was arrested for threats and for a violation of an abuse prevention order in violation of MGL c. 209A § 7.  It was alleged that the client, who was estranged from his wife, violated the restraining order when the wife saw a missed call on her cell phone allegedly from the client and then alleged that the client contacted the wife’s sister and allegedly threatened to commit a crime against his wife.  Today read More